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    David King the "GO TO" Person!

    To whom it may concern:

    Introducing himself asa a Real Estate Developer surveying the Fitchburg Business Condo Building on the corner of Main and Day Street in downtown Fitchburg – a condo I have been burdened with though a bad economic climate, unfortunately business decisions and major title issues, he, volunteering through confidence, ability, and an abundance of contracts injected a vision of success into acquiring and diverting of property, enabling the purchaser and the seller r to envision one person needs to another projection of future opportunities!

    His direct and infectious enthusiasm bestowed the scenario physical and mental stamina, clarity and focus and professional assistance, in his role as creator and support.  These,, and other qualities he exemplifies, invariably, will trail success in their wake, making DAVID KING the “Go To” person of choice.  When seeking an effective, persuasive and powerful ally in your quest of persona dreams and aspiration!

    Chris Erban

    A personal thank-you and endorsement.

    Chris Erban Letter

    Chris ErbanOwnerFitchburg
    "For Sale By Owner" - Don't Do It....

    Last summer I decided to make an attempt to sell my home/apt building. Being a novice in this process I placed a “For Sale by Owner” sign on the front lawn.

    Several months passed with few responses…then David called. We met and walked thru the property. He then assured me the property could be sold. To be honest I was skeptical. Then when he told me what I could get for a price I was beyond skepticism.

    Not long afterward I was receiving offers and I accepted one.

    David’s job did not end there. His assistance in helping with vacating the property and negotiating with tenants to relocate was invaluable.

    David is personable and definitely a man who can negotiate between buyer and seller.

    Highly recommend his skills.

    Leonard Arsenault

    "For Sale By Owner" - Don't Do It....
    David King, the Negotiator, went above and beyond the call of a Real Estate Agent in listing my property.

    David King, the Negotiator, went above and beyond the call of a Real Estate Agent in listing my property. He was able to sell my property for 16% more than what I was expecting, which was a great benefit to me.

    David assisted in helping my tenants to relocate to a new property. He sent them well over 200 listings, and the process took 7 long months, during which time he was very patient and understanding for all three parties involved (seller, buyer and tenants).

    David worked with all attorneys involved in processing the paperwork for a smooth transaction. I am deeply grateful to him for all his due diligence and understanding through a difficult process. I would strongly recommend him to anyone listing or buying a property here in Massachusetts.

    Joseph L. FortinLunenburg MA
    Nobody beside David honestly put the effort forward!

    I met David King online when I was looking for a home in Fitchburg Mass I worked with several different realtors in several different times trying to find homes that suited our needs and our finances and nobody beside David honestly put the effort forward that David puts forward he answers every call or calls back immediately he plans very well he’s dedicated he has a tremendous work ethic and a good spirit he likes people I gravitated towards David over everyone else because he’s a likeable guy I have no gain from saying this except that it’s just true he found the house we were looking for he worked well with the other Realtors and the seller he was on top of every single detail he did a better job finding me a home then my realtor in Swampscott did selling ours if I find and buy another home I would use David King again solid company I recommend him to everyone thank you sincerely Todd Vickery 241 Marshall Street in Fitchburg Mass

    Todd VickeryFitchburg MA
    Finding a good real estate agent in the ocean of real estate agents...

    Finding a good real estate agent in the ocean of real estate agents available, can be a serious challenge– but you have no worries if you work with David King.

    Despite our small budget for a home, David treated us like first class clients. He worked hard to find us a home, negotiated a good deal and then fought for us when the situation called for it. He bent over backwards, quickly and efficiently finding solutions to any challenges that popped up along the way and remaining full of energy and humor the entire time. Hands down, this is the realtor you want on your side. He is tireless, hard working, positive, easy going, funny and knowledgeable and he won’t rest until you are happily in your new home.

    We will be using him for future transactions!

    Jessica Peill-MeininghausArtist & AuthorAthol MA
    You lived up to the below quote by Confucius

    You lived up to the below quote by Confucius;

    When it is obvious that the goals cannot be reached, don’t adjust the goals, adjust the action steps.”   ― Confucius

    The above referenced property transaction was not an easy one. You made it possible because you took charge of the situation, took timely action steps, not only as a buyers agent, but also as a seller’s agent. The closing was done because of your hardwork, dedication and commitment to serve your client at the optimam level possible.

    Molly and I am really happy to recommend David and his RE/MAX Realty office for all your Real Estate transactions..

    We want to sincerely thank you for your valuable support while going through the negotiation, closing and especially post closing services, by virtually holding our hands and making us a really satisfied customer.


    Tom and Molly Kurian

    Tom and Molly KurianLeominster MA

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    David King